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glass technologys, which is today, one of the leading company in facades engineering in India, is a creation of Mr. SRINIVAS MURTHY. Under his able, dedicated and visionary leadership, glass technologys established in Bangalore in 2009 has made tremendous strides during the last years. The credit of establishment and of astonishing development of glass technologys and its allied concerns goes entirely to the dynamic leadership and undaunted hard work of Mr. SRINIVAS MURTHY. He has been so involved in the planning, establishment, development and progress of glass technologys.
Glass technologys Facilitate the standard of service (SoS) to our project requirements.

Highly qualified and experienced personnel’s heads our departments like Designing, planning, Execution etc…


The project management system teams will manages the free flow of Materials and Resources installation on time.



We have a wide range of worlds No.1 Machinery and equipments which include hoists, cradles etc under its disposal for faster & quality installation of the facades. All these mechanized machineries are regularly tested and serviced at regular intervals as per manufacturer’s specifications.

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